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Corona Solar designs, installs and maintains solar power and solar thermal (hot water) systems for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

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About Us


Corona Solar is based in Santa Rosa, CA and operates throughout the western United States as a green-sustainable business and an equal opportunity employer.

We have been installing solar power systems since 2007 and during that time have put in more than 3 mega watts of photovoltaic modules. This represents roughly 1725 metric tons of CO2 emissions avoided annually or the equivalent of 1.85 million lbs. of coal NOT burned to produce that power every year. At Corona Solar we also recognize that for alternative energy sources to be viable they must be financially practical as well.

On staff, we have design engineers and financial experts that utilize the latest computer simulation software and industry standard calculators to analyze and guide renewable energy designs and economic analysis of all our solar projects. We understand and can explain in plain language the intricacies of tax benefits associated with solar systems; including Federal Tax Credits, Accelerated Tax Depreciation, Interest Tax Deductions, and other regional solar incentives that may apply.

Corona Solar is registered with the California Solar Initiative (CSI) and state utilities (PGE, SMUD and SCE) as a certified solar installer. We will assist in processing and fast-track the required paperwork and administrative hurdles to realize the maximum tax benefits and rebates for solar power and thermal systems allowed by law.

Stop Giving Your Money Away Today!

  • Pay Almost Nothing Out of Pocket in many cases
  • Save $1000’s on Your Electricity and Gas Bills
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • Improve Your Property’s Value
  • Be a Part of Empowering the Energy Revolution

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Cameron Park

Cameron Park


Cameron Park has been designing and installing solar power systems for more than 10 years. Overall, he has been involved in residential and commercial construction for more than 30 years. He has extensive engineering design and computer assisted design experience in many disciplines including mechanical, plumbing, structural and electrical systems. Mr. Park has 2 state license classifications including the California Solar (C-46) designation. He has also completed substantial coursework and professional training in solar systems, renewable energy and sustainable design throughout his career.

Solar Design & Installation


santa-rosa-solarCorona Solar recognizes the long term thinking inherent in solar systems and uses only the highest quality components, modules and power conversion equipment installed to the exacting industry standards and code requirements.

Corona Solar systems are built to last.


Photovoltaic (PV) Power Systems

Corona Solar designs and installs state of the art solar power systems utilizing the very latest generation of poly and mono crystalline photovoltaic (PV) modules and today’s generation of highly efficient and reliable power inverters. All our solar power systems are designed and installed with full code compliance ensuring a safe, reliable and profitable power generating system for its entire life (20 – 25+ years). These power systems are solid state electrical power generation devices that are rugged and dependable as well as thoughtfully conceived and constructed to blend into their surroundings. Corona Solar power systems are an enhancement and will improve property value in addition to providing a bankable return and lowering energy costs.


  • Grid-Tied Residential Ground Mount and Roof Mount power systems
  • Stand alone (Off-Grid) remote and mobile systems
  • Single and Dual axis tracking systems
  • Small, Medium and Large scale commercial systems

NetZero Energy Status

Corona Solar also designs and can incorporate whole-house or whole-building combination systems that comprehensively address in coordination electrical energy, hot water and space heating needs for commercial and residential properties which results in NetZero energy status. Such commercial facilities and residences use various solar systems to efficiently transform the sun’s energy to meet all requirements for heating, power and hot water. All while saving energy, money and our planet from unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. Ask Corona Solar about NetZero and what it can mean to you and the environment.



Tax Assessment Financing allows property owners to finance their solar project through a voluntary assessment. These assessments will be attached to the property, not the owner, and will be paid back through the property tax system over time, making the program not only energy efficient but also affordable. Repayment is made through your property tax bill over time.

A Secured Loan is a loan secured by your property. Like your existing mortgage it is paid monthly until paid off. We offer below market fixed rates with no prepayment penalty and no fees.

An Unsecured Loan is a loan secured by your good credit. It is used when other the other options are not feasible. Even though the rates on an unsecured loan are higher than a secured loan, it can still make sense in certain situations.


“There are a multitude of benefits to going solar and it has never been easier.  We handle all the paperwork for our financing packages, rebate applications and utility interconnection agreements so you don’t have to.”



Saving Money:  All of our systems will save you money.  If you finance with us, you will start saving right away.  You will save more than you would have paid the utility.  You will save thousands over the life of the system.  We are often able to save our residential customers more than $100,000 over the life of the system or even more for larger commercial installations.  If the system will not save you money we will tell you right up front.  We offer a free, no obligation analysis of your unique situation.
Utility Rebates:  The California Solar Initiative offers rebates on both photovoltaic (PV) solar and solar thermal systems.  The rebate is determined by both the size of your system and your local utility.  We will take care of all the paperwork involved in claiming your rebate.
Tax Credits:  The government is currently offering a 30% tax credit on the cost of your system.  This is NOT a tax deduction.  It is a tax credit.  For example, if you owe $10,000 on your taxes and your tax credit is $7000, you can just subtract that $7000 from what you owe.  The tax credit can be used all in one year or carried forward as far as 2016.
Tax Deductions:  If you finance your system, the interest portion of your loan payment is deductible on your taxes.
Accelerated Depreciation:  If you are a commercial customer you can depreciate the cost basis of your system over 5 years (instead of 15 or 20), even though you may be paying for your system over a longer period of time.
Environmental Benefits of Solar Power:  According to leading environmental scientists and researchers conducting experiments and using complex calculations, the typical solar power system with photovoltaic panels will avert the release of nearly 2.2 lbs of carbon emissions for every 1 kw of system power rating.   For the standard example of a typical 5.0 kw solar power system that equates to roughly 2.2 metric tons of carbon dioxide (one of the main greenhouse gases causing climate change) not being released into the atmosphere.  In other words, the more electrical energy that is produced with renewable resources such as solar power, the less carbon dioxide will be sent into the already overtaxed environment.   Indeed, this may help avert catastrophic climate change consequences in the near and medium term future.  In fact, installing a solar power system now not only makes financial sense, but likely will be the single greatest contribution a person can make today to mitigate disastrous environmental costs in earth’s future.
Increased Property Values:  Until recently it has been difficult to determine the effect a solar system has on the value of your property.  Scientists at Sandia National Laboratories have now developed a solar appraisal tool to more clearly determine the value a solar system adds to the value of your property.  As it turns out, our solar systems add far and away more value to your property than the cost of the system.  Just ask and we will run this analysis for your property.

Recent Projects

Solar Electric and Solar Hot Water Systems

What Corona Solar Customers Have To Say…

“I own a small business and have wanted to cut my costs. We thought we could save money, over the longer run, if we had solar installed. We chose Corona because of the good things we’d heard about Cameron, the owner. He has a reputation for great service (he really listens) and excellent craftsmanship. Our experience of him lived up to that reputation. We’d recommend him to do commercial and residential solar installs.”


Peter Sandhill

Owner, Sandhill Consulting

““Corona Solar installed a solar system at our main campus building in Santa Rosa in 2014. We found Cameron Park to be knowledgeable about a broad spectrum of products in the market and was a great asset in helping us to design a system that fit within our budget. His installation took three to four days and he was very accommodating in working around the many groups that use our buildings so as not to disrupt their meetings and events. After the installation was complete, Cameron scheduled time to meet with our maintenance people and Trustees to review operational specifics and the minimal maintenance needed to keep the system working at optimal efficiency. We have had no callback issues to date with the system and are very satisfied with Corona Solar.”

Mary Brunet

Business Administrator, First United Methodist Church of Santa Rosa

We recently had a solar power system installed on our commercial building and we are very pleased with the results. The paperwork for the funding and interconnection were handled efficiently and quickly.   The installation also went in with almost no disruptions to business and promptly.   And since then, the system has been basically maintenance free. Every month we save a sizeable amount on our power bills, making our investment an excellent choice.

Nam Tran

Owner, Santa Rosa Computers

Solar Panel Installation Frequently Asked Question

How does it increase my business/property value?

The addition of a solar power system to a property has been shown in government and industry studies to increase the resale property value from $3 – $6 / watt. Today, in some regions of .California it is nearly ubiquitous to have solar installed.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the size of system that is installed and the other finances; generally speaking, the annual cost of a system is always less than the amount saved in utility costs.  So, the answer is less than the money saved in electricity.  

How long will solar panels last?

All PV solar panels that we sell and install come with a manufacturer’s performance warranty to 25 years. These solar panels are expected to last up to 30 years and beyond. 

What is the payback period?

With the financing options we offer, the payback is immediate (within the first utility billing cycle) and continues throughout the life of the system. Most 100% cash (non-financed) residential systems Corona Solar installs have a conventional payback period of about 5 – 8 years.

What if I don't have a new roof?

A new roof is not required; in fact, if you have a roof with more than 3-5 years of life left than roof replacement is probably not necessary.  The cost of temporary solar system removal and replacement is generally very small in comparison to the cost of roofing replacement. It then can be accomplished with minimal downtime in coordination with any roof replacement at some future date.

What if I put on a system and then sell the house?

A solar power system will be an added benefit for you or any future residents regardless.  In fact, the solar power system will increase the resale value of the residence equal to or greater than the original cost.  It becomes an improvement in the property that actually pays you whether you live in the house or sell it.

Why not wait until prices drop further?

While PV panel prices have dropped substantially over the last decade (almost 4 fold) there is ample reason to believe that we are seeing a bottoming out of PV net installed price.  The equipment is already at below manufactured cost in the PV panel market and installation costs are basically economy driven; they can only go so low.  Waiting a year or two could show a marginal drop in net system cost but the rising cost of energy will more than likely negate any price benefit, so now is the time.

What happens when the power goes out?

Our grid-tied systems have automatic grid loss sensing and will disconnect the inverter from the grid and house power system till power is restored.  This safety system is built-in and fully automatic, thus there is no danger of accidental system energization during a blackout.  If you would like to have off-grid (stand alone) capacity to operate electrical appliances in the event of a power outage Corona Solar can design and install battery energy storage systems as well.

What is the required maintenance and cleaning?

Typical PV solar power systems are incredibly reliable and have very little routine maintenance requirements.  A semi-annual panel cleaning with water is generally sufficient to ensure efficient panel and system operation.

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